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Did you know?

We will keep you updated for upcoming Alumni events!

Congrats to our new Alumni:

Kristine Campbell
Riley Carpenter
Natalie Hamrick
Krystal Hsu
Cassidy King
Amber Leslie
Kayla Lyons
Rosemary Sacris
Emily Scott

Life Loyal AOIIs are alumnae and collegians, of all ages, who believe in the inherent worth and unlimited possibilities of everlasting sisterhood. They are a group of visionary women who continue to reap the advantages of their lifetime connection to AOII long after their collegiate years.

You made a powerful statement about who you are and what you believe in when you first became a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. You affirmed that a sisterhood founded on high principles and core values is important, not just in college, but for life. And through your AOII experiences, you’ve made personal connections, created lasting memories and have become the woman you are today. Because of these and other reasons, you want to keep AOII close to your heart and participate in all it has to offer.

A Life Loyal AOII membership is perhaps one of the best ways for members to take part in the enduring spirit and legacy of Alpha Omicron Pi.   As a Life Loyal AOII member, you are helping to guarantee that Alpha Omicron Pi will remain forever strong for you and for all young women yet to join our Fraternity.  You’ll feel a renewed sense of pride knowing that you are united with other alumnae and collegians, supporting our core values of loyalty and commitment.

Join the many others who are helping improve Alpha Omicron Pi and taking advantage of the many benefits of Life Loyal AOII membership – Today. Tomorrow. Always.

For more information about Life Loyal AOII, contact lifeloyalaoii@alphaomicronpi.org