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Alumni House Seal color2The UAB National Alumni Society House is a highly visible symbol of the important contributions and achievements of our alumni. The Alumni House is a 15,000 square foot facility located in the heart of UAB’s campus and is easily accessible to the Alys Stephens Center, the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, Mervyn Sterne Library, the Campus Green, and many of UAB’s residence halls. The completion of the Alumni House is the culmination of years of growth and planning by the university and the UAB National Alumni Society and has provided the first visible “home” on campus for alumni. Since it’s opening in January 2011, the Alumni House has hosted more than 750 individual events and over 60,000 visitors. It provides the only location on campus solely dedicated to bringing UAB alumni and friends together to connect with UAB’s present and future.


If you are interested in becoming a permanent part of the Alumni House’s history, consider one of the naming options below. These opportunities offer you the chance to have your name or that of a loved one forever associated with the UAB National Alumni Society House.

$10,000   •   Wall of Honor

$10,000      Art Displays (throughout building)

$20,000      Event Resource Area

$30,000       Office Resource Area

$40,000      Grand Terrace

The terrace is located just off Alumni Hall I & II and provides a beautiful view of the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts.

$50,000      Charming Veranda

Adjacent to the lobby with seating/waiting area is the entrance to the 520 sq. ft. charming veranda. It is wonderfully furnished with table seating for six and can accommodate a small gathering of 15 guests. It is equipped with a sound system for guests’ enjoyment.

$100,000      Catering Kitchen

A caterer’s dream of 520 sq. ft. of space outfitted with all the amenities needed by a caterer to assemble and serve meals.

$100,000      Conference Room A
$100,000      Conference Room C

The Alumni House features three executive conference rooms that are located just off the Alumni Halls. Each meeting room is 135 sq. ft. and features a boardroom style table with high-back leather chairs. All conference rooms are equipped with audio/visual technology with large flat screen televisions that are computer compatible for presentations.

$500,000      Alumni Hall I
$500,000      Alumni Hall II

These well-appointed, large, light-filled rooms are the largest available in the building. Each Hall is 2,265 sq. ft. and provides a large space for alumni, faculty, staff and students. Both are equipped with presentation and projection technologies. These rooms are designed to host elegant luncheons and dinners for alumni and other university guests.

For inquiries or to make a gift, please contact:
Andy Wallace
Alumni House Manager
awallace@uab.edu or 205.934.3555