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The National Alumni Society would like to acknowledge the following donors who made this vision a reality.

Donor_Wall_resizeBuilding naming rights:
UAB National Alumni Society

The Gathering Room:
The UAB National Alumni Society Past Presidents that contributed to this
room include (listed in order in which they served):

Mr. and Mrs. William Voigt          Ms. Sherri Van Pelt
Dr. Watler G. Pittman      Ms. Rebecca V. Watson
Ms. Najwa Bateh      Ms. Lisa Higginbotham
Ms. Tommie Cummings   Dr. Christopher J. McCallum
Mr. Kenneth Jackson   Ms. Gail Stephens
Dr. Martha Bidez   Ms. Anita N. Clemon
Dr. Rodney Tucker   Mr. Brian Austin Oakes
Mr. Robert Chapman   Ms. Cindy M. Godwin
Mr. A. Lee Tucker   Ms. Renita Rigney
Mr. Larry Chamblee   Mr. Trey Cummings
Ms. Patti Hendrix Lovoy    
Dr. E. Douglas Rigney    

Ken Jackson

Conference room:
UAB Student Alumni Society

Cindy & Randy Godwin & Family
Randyal, Saralyn, Ian & Julia
Marie L. O'Koren

Receptionist Area:
Gail & Jim Stephens & Family
Staci & Chris Storey

Executive Offices:
Marsha & Don Hire
Lois & Barry Luther
Renita & Doug Rigney & Family
Erin & Chase Martin
Cole & Mandy Rigney
Katie & Jody Roberts

Administrative Offices:
Zack Cloud Linda C. Lucas in recognition of UAB Engineering Alumni
Marsha & Carlton (Skip) Craig & Family Janene Sims, O.D., Ph.D. and Brian Sims, M.D., Ph.D.
The Cummings Family: Pamela E. Paustian & Donna J. Slovensky
Tommie & Lewis James W. Smith, Daniel Z. Smith & Sarah E. Smith
Trey, Mary, Kinsley & Marian Printella & Walter Thomas & Family
Stephen, Cayleigh & Claire Julia Foy, Constance Thomas, Catherine Thomas
Brandy & Curt Lee Nancy & Ray Watts, M.D.

Shirley Salloway Kahn & Donald Kahn
Alice & Charles "Scotty" McCallum
Sally & Brian Mackin

Art Space:
Robin and Sam Miller
In Honor of Tommie and Lewis Cummings given by Mary and Trey Cummings
In Honor of Arlene and L J Smith, Joyce Ann Donaldson, and Robert Lee Donaldson given by James (Wes) Smith
America's First Federal Credit Union

Holt Audio Visual Room:
Michael L. Holt

Corretti Staff Kitchen:
Rebecca Corretti & Ken Effinger

UAB National Alumni Society Recognition Display Case:
Lisa and Alan Kianoff

Wall of Honor:
America's First Federal Credit Union Chris McCallum
Najwah Bateh Natalie and Frank Messica
Martha & Earle Bidez Robin & Sam Miller
Jennifer & Bryan Breland Christy & Scott Moran
Mary Lynne & Eli Capilouto & Emily Capilouto Phyllis & Sandy Murell
Nancy Fouad-Carey and Tyler Carey Brian Austin Oakes
Lisa & Doug Carr Marie L. O'Koren
Katie and Tony Ceasar Pamela E. Paustian & Donna J. Slovensky
June & Robert Chapman Gregory E. Pence
Zack Cloud Mary Wood Perry
Lori & Jason Cork Renita & Doug Rigney
Corretti Catering James O. Rodgers
Marsha & Carlton "Skip" Craig Julie & Mike Rowe
Tommie & Lewis Cummings Heather Smith Sawyer
Mary & Trey Cummings Janene & Brian Sims
Carleigh & Stephen Cummings Joanna & Michael Smith
Jana and Stephen Foster James W. Smith
Carol Z. Garrison & Julian W. Banton Snoozy's
Stacy & Jason Gay Gail & Jim Stephens
Cindy & Randy Godwin Stewart of Alabama
Claudia M. Hardy Lynne and Tim Sullivan
Marsha & Don Hire Printella & Walter Thomas
Laura and Andy Hollis Pam & Raymond Thompson
Michael H. Holt M. Scott Touger
Ken Jackson Marla R. Townsend
Marilyn Jenkins Johnson A. Lee Tucker
Shirley Salloway Kahn & Donald Kahn Rodney O. Tucker & Billy R. Connelley, Jr.
Lisa and Alan Kianoff Sherri & Pete Van Pelt
April & Steven Lawrence Linda & Bill Voigt
Brandy & Curt Lee Janice B. & Torrey L. Ward
Blanche & James Lowery John W. Waterbor
Linda C. Lucas Becky & Mike Watson
Lois & Barry Luther Nancy & Ray Watts
Sally & Brian Mackin Sherry & David Whitehurst
Lisa and Ken Maluff UAB National Alumni Society
Alice & Charles "Scotty" McCallum UAB Student Alumni Society

If you have any questions regarding the Alumni House, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at (205) 934-3555.

Cindy & Randy Godwin