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NAS Board of Directors

Cummings and SmithGovernance of the National Alumni Society is vested in a Board of Directors elected by the active members in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws. In addition to the officers and directors of the National Alumni Society who are elected, certain individuals representing the University and the various professional and school alumni organizations also serve the Board of Directors in an ex-officio or consulting capacity.

2014-15 NAS Board of Directors

President          Mr. Wes Smith
Past President

Mr. Trey Cummings

Dr. Printella Ridgeway Thomas
Vice Presidents Ms. Nancy Fouad Carey
  Mr. Mike Rowe
  Dr. Raymond Thompson
  Mr. Ricky Tucker
Treasurer Mr. Scott Moran
Directors Mr. Norman Bolus
  Mr. Skip Craig
  Mr. Hafiz Chandiwala
  Dr. John Datzler
  Mr. Steve Foster
  Mr. Scott McLeod
  Mr. Glenn Kinstler
  Ms. Blanche Lowery
  Dr. Philip Musa
  Dr. Jacquline Perry
  Mr. Ryan Robinett
  Mr. John Reed
  Dr. Leesa Rogers
  Dr. David Shulman
  Dr. Brian Sims
  Dr. Alexia Vaughn