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Alumni Awards with Dr WattsFrom left to right (from 2014 awards luncheon): Trey Cummings, Maj Gen Lee Price, Renita Rigney, Donny Burke, Ph.D., Jerry Stephens, Ph.D., Dr. Anupam Agarwal and Dr. Ray WattsEach year the UAB National Alumni Society presents very special awards to individuals at its annual Alumni Awards and Recognition Luncheon.

The 2015 award winners were honored on Thursday, September 24 at the 15th Annual Alumni Leadership Recognition and Awards Luncheon at the UAB National Alumni Society House.

Each year, the National Alumni Society is accepts nominations for the Distinguished Alumni, Honorary Life Membership, Honorary Alumni, and the Outstanding Young Alumni Awards. A brief description for each of these awards is listed below:

Honorary Life Membership Award

The Honorary Life Membership Award is the Society’s highest award bestowed on an individual whose contributions to UAB benefit the entire university community.

Honorary Alumni Award
The Honorary Alumni Award is traditionally presented to a member of the UAB family who has made exceptional contributions to UAB and its programs.

Distinguished Alumni Award
The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to a UAB graduate whose professional and community accomplishments are outstanding. The recipient must be one who is distinguished in his/her profession or other worthy endeavors, has demonstrated a continual interest in UAB, and who is a member in good standing of the UAB National Alumni Society. The recipient’s school or college awards a $4,000 student scholarship the following fiscal year.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
The Outstanding Young Alumni Award is presented to a UAB alumnus/na who has graduated in the past ten years. The recipient has shown outstanding achievement in his/her career/profession, demonstrated notable service to the community, shown commitment to UAB, and is a member in good standing of the UAB National Alumni Society.

Nominations for Outstanding Young Alumni and Distinguished Alumni awards require both a letter of recommendation and a completed nomination form. A letter of recommendation is all that is required to nominate someone for the Honorary Life Membership and the Honorary Alumni awards. Nominations are currently closed. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Salzmann at 205.934.3555 or by email at ssalzman@uab.edu.