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Gwendolyn MizellGwendolyn Goosby Mizell is the president and CEO of GSM Development LLC, a utility consulting and industrial supply company in St. Louis, Missouri.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in materials engineering from UAB.

Gwendolyn founded GSN Development in 2004 to focus on the needs of a rapidly-changing energy industry with concerns about greenhouse gases and the need to integrate renewable energy resources with energy efficiency and conservation.

Today, GSM provides energy efficiency auditing and conservation services as well as industrial supplies used in the operation and maintenance of electric, gas, and water utilities.  Gwendolyn’s contributions go deeper than just with GSM.

Gwendolyn was previously a Business Development leader at ABB in Santa Clara, California, responsible for the sale of software to participants in the deregulated energy market.  She spent the bulk of her early career at Westinghouse Electric (later Siemens Westinghouse) where she performed marketing and sales functions; strategic planning; emissions testing program management and business development functions for power plant equipment.

Gwendolyn is a member of the UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 class of 2015.

GSM Development