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James Marbourg

Dr. James W. Marbourg, O.D. is the executive vice president for Eye Health Partners and regional vice president for VisionAmerica of Birmingham. He serves on the board of directors for Eye Health Partners and also practices consultative optometry in each of the centers. Dr. Marbourg received his bachelor's degree in physiological optics in 1975 and his Doctorate of Optometry in 1977, both from UAB.

During Dr. Marbourg's tenure with VisionAmerica, the practice has grown to include centers across Alabama and Tennessee with the goal of providing patients with comprehensive eye care.

Dr. Marbourg maintains his commitment to promoting the optometric profession through his participation in professional organizations including a membership in the Alabama Optometric Association.

He is a member of the UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 class of 2014.

Vision American of Birmingham