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John MilledgeJohn B.D. Milledge is founder and vice president for Action Environmental. He received his Bachelor of Science in geology and biology from UAB in 1982 and his Bachelor of Science in secondary education in 1986.

John founded Action Environmental in 2001 and the company employed 285 people with offices in five states as of his UAB Excellence in Business Top 25 award as a member of the class of 2015. 

As an asset and non-asset services provider, Action transports the most hazardous, heaviest and largest products. They clean up the dirtiest plants, messiest spills and nastiest environmental sites. Their people are ethical, experienced and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs committed to getting the job done right for our customers safely, the first time, every time.

Action’s hybrid model utilizes a network of experienced agents and company-owned assets to provide services to customers in the manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, and environmental industries. Action successfully develops and maintains long-term relationships with customers who value Action’s proven track record for industry leading execution and customer service.

"Action Environmental's core business revolves around the remediation of contaminated properties. The principles and concepts taught by the UAB Geology Department formed the foundation from which the business was founded. Instructional techniques from the School of Education proved invaluable in training employees."

Action Environmental