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DoverKayce Dover, MSHI, RHIA, is president and CEO at HIM Connections in Birmingham.  After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in health information management from the School of Health Professions in 1997, she earned her Master of Health Informatics from UAB in 2002.

HIM Connections is an expert recruitment and staffing firm that provides services to healthcare organizations nationwide and specializes in Health Information Management (HIM) and Health Information Technology (HIT). The HIM Connections team brings healthcare experience and knowledge to the recruitment and staffing industry, giving them the keen ability to understand the specific needs of their clients and candidates.  With a commitment to excellence, the company is dedicated to providing superior services through best practices, thought leadership and providential relationships. HIM Connections is a trustworthy partner that is results-driven and people-focused.

Kayce has worked in the HIM industry for nearly 20 years.  Before joining HIM Connections in 2007, she worked for Doozer Software and Morgan Stewart Consulting.

HIM Connections