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2018 Mr Ms UAB Online

The goals of the UAB National Alumni Society and the UAB Student Alumni Society are to provide beneficial, quality programs & events for our students. 

Just to name a few, the NAS sponsors the UAB National Alumni Society 5K/10K, Mr. & Ms. UAB Scholarship Competition, Homecoming Gurney Derby, community service projects and networking opportunities with alumni. The UAB National Alumni Society is proud to partner with our schools and colleges in raising over $4.9 million dollars from alumni to provide student scholarships.

When you join the Student Alumni Society, we will keep you informed of all of our scholarship information, programs and other opportunities to get involved with and participate in across campus. 

All SAS members receive a benefits package that contains a T-shirt and discounted services that well exceed the price of membership. 

Click the SAS logo to learn more about the UAB Student Alumni Society.

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