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Higher_Ed_Day_2012The Higher Education Partnership Alumni Advocacy Banquet was held in Montgomery on the evening of February 26, 2014. UAB alumni representatives joined alumni from other Alabama institutions to listen to state legislators and other presenters provide information on higher education funding in the state of Alabama.

On February 27, UAB alumni, faculty, staff and students traveled to Montgomery for the Higher Education Day Rally at the Alabama State House.  Students representing UAB and other 4-year public universities rallied in front of the State House carrying signs and encouraging Alabama state leaders to provide more funding to higher education.   

Schools get involved with Higher Education Day activities to show their passion for higher education and how our leaders' decisions affect students, faculty and the economy as a whole. Alabama's public universities continue to play catch-up when compared to their regional peers. According to calculations from the Alabama Commission on Higher Education and using the organization's Regional Standard measurement, Alabama remains below the regional averages in funding. If the university share of the available dollars is not treated fairly, then public universities will fall further behind in affordability and access.



As an advocate, you can help control state-level decisions regarding the division of funds. As the Education Trust Fund budget begins to make its way through the legislature, every believer in the importance of a university education needs to speak-up! Every person that understands the economic benefit of a four-year degree should call for action.  Write and call your legislators to help us make a difference. With the multiple voices of the students, faculty, staff, alumni and others calling for equity, the university voice can make an impactful difference. 

For more information about higher education funding and how you can help, go to www.higheredpartners.org.