Teachers can fill out a form during Summer Institute expressing an interest in becoming a trainer. These requests are screened by the trainer and then submitted to the AMSTI site director. Trainers and Specialists may recommend a teacher that they feel has potential as a trainer. Recommendations are sub-mitted to the ALSDE AMSTI office. Selections for invitations for Trainer Certification are made jointly by ALSDE and site staff. Sometimes funding is an issue and decisions must be made based on grade level, subject, or regional needs rather than on the basis of an individual’s qualifications. Teachers who are not invited should not, necessarily, think that they were not qualified to be a trainer, and they should re-apply.


Trainer certification workshops occur during the months of January and February. Trainer certification for math is 2 days long and for science is 3 days long. The participant’s school is reimbursed up to $60 per day for their substitute teacher and travel is paid, but no stipend because the teacher is under contract. Once certified as a trainer, you will be added to the state database and may be asked to train at various sites around the state. Certified trainers are paid a $250 fee per day and are paid travel expenses as well. As AMSTI grows, more and more qualified trainers will be needed.