6th- Catastrophic Events


www.stcms.si.edu/ce/ce.htm - This is the site that was developed for students by STC

for the Catastrophic Events book. It is organized into three sections – storms,

earthquakes, and volcanoes.





http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/ – Volcano World is an outstanding resource for kids

interested in learning about volcanoes. This website contains real-time volcano

information including an interactive clickable map of active volcanoes world-wide and

remote sensing satellite images. Topics covered at Volcano World include how

volcanoes work, submarine volcanoes, planetary volcanoes, career information on

studying volcanoes, volcanic parks and monuments and volcano, exploration on the

moon, Mars and Venus.


http://www.ncsu.edu/coast - This website contains a Carolina Coastal Photo journal

with QuickTime movies. Students can use this website to explore similarities and

differences in the amount of sand, visible waves, and plant cover between the ocean

side and marsh side of the same barrier island, and identify similarities and differences

among the three regions of the Carolina Coast.


http://kids.mtpe.hq.nasa.gov/ - This site has many interesting activities for young

students to learn about various earth science concepts. An interactive online coloring

book is a unique feature of this website.


http://www.nationalgeographic.com/kids/ - This website for kids to explore the

fascinating world of National Geographic. Interactive games and explorations make

this website very engaging for young students.


http://www.hhmi.org/coolscience/ - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites

curious kids to explore biology at the website. Activities include dust exploration,

classifying critters, microscopy, plant parts, and more.


http://www.uen.org/utahlink/pond/ - Experience a simulated pond, take a virtual tour of

an outdoor classroom, pond math and pond science activities, publish your adopted

pond online, and chat with other K-6 students interested in pond stuff.


http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/kids - The science behind agriculture is presented as a series

of interactive stories based on research projects featured in Agricultural Research. The

website also contains photos, graphics, trivia, and classroom connections.