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Maggie Amsler
Research Assistant

Maggie's Journal

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Snowbirds5/19/2004 11:49:11 AM


The last few weeks it has been increasingly quiet around Palmer Station. Much of the avian wildlife that abounds in our neighborhood during the summer months have headed out to sea, further south to an ice edge, or migrated north to balmier climes. The other day while returning from a ...

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Training Time5/6/2004 2:03:18 PM

Were I back in Alabama right now, I would be enjoying yards of swimming, hours of pedaling and miles of running the streets and trails. My friends, who share this form of play with me, and I do this not only for sheer fun of physical exertion, but to train for a running race or a triathlon. ...

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Tourist Tanks4/29/2004 10:09:11 PM

The aquarium building of Palmer Station is where our project spends many hours a day running taste test experiments on the sea stars, checking on bucket experiments as Anne described last week and as you will read about in later entries, conducting feeding experiments on fish. It is also where we ...

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Falling in Stride4/22/2004 12:55:53 PM

Chuck has been back in Alabama for almost a week now. I turn green with botanical envy with his correspondences describing what a beautiful spring it is at home. He tells me out front yard is ablaze with hues of crimson Kurume azalea cooled by a now wall of white southern indica azaleas. The ...

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Dan the Man4/14/2004 8:30:14 AM

As you have read in Chuck and Kevin’s latest journals, Palmer Station has had a facial. Lots of new faces appeared with the arrival of our support ship the Laurence M. Gould. Similarly, many a familiar, ‘old’ face sailed off into the fog when the Gould headed north last week. Like Kevin, I ...

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Sweet Workouts4/8/2004 9:22:36 AM

Anne’s journal entry (or entrée) this week featured the Deep South’s finest chefs here at chez Palmer. Wendy, Marge and now Danielli, provide nutritious as well as delightfully delicious meals and an enticing array of yummy baked desserts. The diners must provide the self-control or as Anne suggests ...

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A Whale of a Flower Picking Seal Tale3/31/2004 3:04:58 PM

After too many consecutive days of unrelenting high winds that prohibited field work, Tuesday dawned with a fluttering 5 knot wind, mostly cloud covered sky and modest air temperature of –2 C (28F). At our routine morning meeting, it almost seemed foreign to be discussing intended dive plans for ...

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A Trip in Time3/24/2004 5:48:14 PM

I awoke Tuesday morning at 0430 (4:30 am) at my ‘campsite’ over looking Hero Inlet. It is a short walk from the station to the Hero Inn (or HI for short) where I have stashed a bivy sack (one person tent) with a down sleeping bag and thick foam pad inside. The view from my ‘room at the Inn’ ...

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Diving in Antarctica: a tender perspective3/16/2004 6:36:17 PM

Continuing with the “Diving in Antarctica” series, I will write about some pretty heavy stuff: dealing with the diver’s gear when they are not wearing it. I will describe a typical tending operation with ideal conditions - which means that some of what you will read now is truly fiction! Later ...

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Coordinated Boating3/9/2004 10:14:16 AM

Monday through Saturday at 8 AM our group meets in the dining room to plan the day’s field operations. (Sunday mornings we have off and meet instead at 1PM.) Monday, over our serving of breakfast cereal, toast, or eggs we gazed out the windows knowing that the horizontally falling snow and high ...

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KaBOOM! The birth of an island3/2/2004 5:21:04 PM

It is not uncommon to hear the sound of explosions at Palmer Station. Demolition can rattle the station buildings day and night. Rather than fiery explosive charges bursting, the sound of kaboom! is generated by Mother Nature rearranging the glacier forming the back wall of Arthur Harbor. ...

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Inaugural Dive of the 2004 Season2/23/2004 4:41:23 PM

Just like players anxious for that first pitch or kick off of the regular season of competition, our dive team was anxious to get our new season of diving at Palmer underway. The pros usually shake the bugs out with an exhibition game. Our dive team essentially did the same thing but our only ...

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Anchors Aweigh2/16/2004 12:12:29 PM

"Sailing 14:00 12 Feb" was written on the message board of the Laurence M Gould, the ship that would transport us to Palmer Station. The Gould (LMG for short) was not at anchor in a harbor, but rather tied up alongside the dock at Punta Arenas, Chile. Our dock mates included many small bright ...

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Countdown!2/4/2004 1:45:36 PM

Countdown! T minus just a few hours now before liftoff from the Birmingham Airport and the start of trip Number Fifteen to Palmer Station, Antarctica. Typical of previous trips, life for the last few weeks has revolved around departing for a long field season. Prioritized lists of things to ...

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