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Chuck Amsler, Ph.D.
Mission Co-Investigator

Chuck's Journal

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Oil Spill at Palmer Station5/2/2004 1:50:08 PM

The first environmental disaster that I remember occurred just about a week after my tenth birthday. On 28 January 1969 an oil well off Santa Barbara, California blew out and caused the Santa Barbara oil spill. Even at age 10, like the rest of the country I was shocked by the television news ...

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Almost Home4/15/2004 5:27:45 PM

It is 5:30 AM central time as I start this entry. The Gulf of Mexico is 30,000 feet or so below me and it shouldn’t be long until the lights of the Texas coast come into view out the window. In 7 hours I should be back at UAB and tonight, I’ll be home.

So many of my thoughts are of our ...

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Changing of the Guard4/6/2004 6:11:16 PM

The Laurence M. Gould arrived back at Palmer from Punta Arenas, Chile this past Saturday. The good news is that it brought in Jim as well as the third co-leader of this project, Bill Baker (from the University of South Florida), and Dan Martin, a technician/diver working for Bill on the ...

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Skiing on the Glacier3/29/2004 6:42:35 AM

One of Maggie’s and my favorite recreational activities at Palmer is cross country skiing on the glacier that rises behind the station. During much of the summer precipitation falls as rain more often than snow and there is little or no snow over the rough glacial ice. So skiing is not ...

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The Forests of Antarctica3/22/2004 6:28:15 AM

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time talking about diving and still are not quite yet done with the "Diving in Antarctica" journal entry series. But I thought that this week I’d talk a bit about what we see on those dives. I might just as well start with what we see most, which are macroalgae ...

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Diving in Antarctica: heading out3/14/2004 6:51:28 PM

We are going to triple up on the "Diving in Antarctica" series this week. In this entry, I’ll take you from the dive locker to the dive site from the diver’s perspective and get us geared up and ready to drop into the water. Later this week,

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Diving in Antarctica: gear preparation3/7/2004 7:40:49 AM

This is the second of a series of journal entries about all the things that go into our scientific diving operations. In my most recent journal entry, I talked about what is involved in making the call on if and where to dive. This time I’ll talk about what comes next, which is getting the dive gear ready to go.

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Diving in Antarctica: initial preparation3/1/2004 11:26:13 AM

Diving here is such an important part of what we do that we’ll be writing about it throughout the season. So this is just the first of a series of journal entries about all the things that go into our scientific diving operations, or "dive ops" for short.

In my first journal entry, "

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Intertidal collections2/22/2004 8:54:07 AM

A few hours before we arrived at Palmer on the Laurence M. Gould I gathered the team together in the ship’s lounge meeting area to discuss our priorities upon arrival. We talked about how we’d set up our labs and our section of the aquarium building and about what our top priorities for ...

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Our "other" team member2/16/2004 11:39:43 AM

At Palmer and within the Antarctic Program in general, our group is known as S-022 for "Science group number 22." That is actually an old designation. Formally in current terminology we are known as B-022-L/P which indicates that we are a Biology group (the B) that works from Palmer Station (the ...

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Preparing For The Expedition2/4/2004 11:22:02 AM

There are a great number of things we have been doing over the past months to get ready for our upcoming expedition to Palmer Station, Antarctica. As you'll read in our future journal entries, diving is an important part of our work there and we spend a lot of our efforts there on diving, ...

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