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UAB Instructional Technology

Welcome to the UAB Instructional Technology Support Site

Technology Related Roles and Responsibilities for UAB’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies (UAB Online)

Following decommissioning of the Blackboard Learn LMS, the Instructional Technology unit within the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning and UAB Online will provide academic technology services as outlined in the table below.

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support table

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For technical support (i.e. software not working correctly) faculty and students in courses utilizing Canvas should use Canvas as the first point of contact.

Technology Related Roles and Responsibilities for UAB’s CTL and UAB Online (continued)

This document will continue to evolve as the transition from Blackboard Learn to Canvas continues over the summer and fall of 2014 and into early 2015 and will be revised accordingly. The main objective is to provide clear communication and guidance to the UAB community on where and how to get support and services.
Note:  CAS, Nursing, Business, Health Professions, Education, Engineering and Public Health have instructional design staff in place that provides varying levels of training and instructional design support. Faculty in these schools should contact their school/CAS ID staff first to ensure proper coordination with the CTL.

Faculty Training (including how to use features/functions) will take place through the CTL for on-ground sessions.
•    UAB Online will provide training for all faculty for Canvas through December 31, 2014.
•    CTL will provide training for Bb Learn, Bb Collaborate, Respondus, iClicker, Taskstream and other technologies.  Beginning January 1, 2015 training support for all technologies will be provided by the CTL.

Instructional Design/Course-Development Support
•    UAB Online will provide instructional design and pedagogical training and support for faculty developing online courses (see classifications on page 1) that are part of an online degree program.  This includes all core, major, and elective courses, even if outside the degree granting school/college, but required as part of the core online program.  
•     CTL will provide instructional support in the form of best practices and ‘how-to’ sessions for all other course classifications and for online courses that are not part of an online degree program.  

Additional Services
UAB Online will provide services to campus as outlined on the UAB Online Services Page.
CTL will provide the following services to campus:
a.    Support and training for all classroom based technologies in Provost supported classrooms
b.    Technology and contract administration for all classroom based technologies plus those tools that are primarily used outside of the LMS (such as i>Clicker and TaskStream, see table below.)

Technology Administration 
Online technologies and their respective contracts will be managed as outlined below:

UAB Online   Center for Teaching & Learning
Canvas   Taskstream
Student Authentication solution (TBA)   i>Clicker
NBC Learn    
Bb Collaborate in Canvas    
Respondus Tools (Quizzes and Lockdown Browser) in Canvas    

Download a .pdf copy of this document