Connect for Learn

Blackboard Connect for Learn

Blackboard Connect for Learn is a tool that you and your instructors can use to ensure you get up-to-date course information.

When you opt-in to receive notifications through the Connect for Learn system, you can receive automated alerts for a variety of course changes including assignment due dates and grade posts by voice, text, or email.

Your instructors can also send messages via SMS or Text-to-voice to ensure  that you get up-to-the-minute information related to your courses.

How to sign up for Notifications
Go to the UAB e-notify page:

NOTE: It could take several hours for this update to propogate to the Blackboard system.

Next, log in to Blackboard and select My Blackboard:


If you have not provided a number for Bb Connect for Learn to use through the e-notify page, or that number has not yet been imported into the Blackboard LMS, you will not be able to select these options, and the following message (yellow boxes) will display: