UAB Best Practices for Blackboard Learn

Best Practices for Courses Using Bb Learn

This section offers some simple things you can do to help ensure students can access your content in your courses, and to allow you to use Blackboard Tools (links to the left). It also offers some ideas on extending Blackboard's value as a learning environment.

Just as in the classroom, there are many paths to exchanging ideas that teachers and learners can explore in the online environment. The links below offer some tips from faculty at other institutions on getting the most out of Bb Learn.

We would like to build on this content in ways that are specific and meaningful to UAB faculty, and for that we need your help. If you have a practice or tip to share with your colleagues, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and together we can develop an artifact of assistance. Ultimately our goal is to create a library of content that helps all system users at UAB, from novice to expert.

A Beginning-of-Semester Checklist

An End-of-Semester Checklist

Balancing Asynchronous and synchronous Learning

Delivering Documents to Students

Assessing Learners

Using Blackboard for Problem-Based Learning

Using Grading Forms

Help Students Prepare Using a Sample Quiz

Grading Assignments Offline

Audio and video standards for online content