With GradeMark you may edit and grade student papers online. You can add comments within the body of the paper, evaluate the paper against qualitative or quantitative rubrics, assess the student’s performance within the class and enter a grade for the paper that is automatically saved into GradeBook (optional). GradeMark is currently designed for full compatibility with the following browsers:
•    Internet Explorer 7 and above (Windows)
•    Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above (Windows, Mac OS X)
•    Google Chrome 4 and above (Windows, Mac OS X)
•    Safari (Mac OS X)

Other browsers can be used to view or access this product but may not have access to the full functions and features. GradeMark is best used with one of the approved browsers.

Note: GradeMark works best when the text of the submissions have double spaced text.

You can access the GradeMark system from any one of four locations within Turnitin:
•    the assignment inbox
•    a student portfolio
•    viewing a paper after clicking on the paper title
•    from the GradeBook grading page

To mark a paper in the GradeMark system from the assignment inbox, student portfolio page, or GradeBook grading page, click on the GradeMark icon (A) under the grademark column to the right of the Report icon. A new window will open displaying the GradeMark interface (B). You can use this interface to add marks, general comments, and location specific comments to a student paper, as well as enter a numeric grade.

Note: If no icon appears in the GradeMark column, then the paper is not available for grading. Please wait while the system generates the interface so that this paper can be marked.

The GradeMark system contains several tools and types of mark that you can use in grading and assessing papers. These include:
  • comments
  • inline comments
  • QuickMark comments
  • rubric scorecards
  • general comments
A comment is equivalent to the notes that you may write in the margins of a paper andt may be up to one thousand characters in length.
Click here for an icon key for the numbered grademark functions.