We exceeded our Goal of $2 Million!

The UAB Benevolent Fund encourages UAB Employees to IMAGINE...

Imagine a world free from hunger. Imagine having a safe place to sleep. Imagine every child achieving academic excellence. Imagine access to preventative health care and education. Your pledge to the Benevolent Fund supports educational programs, health care screenings, outreach to the homeless and underserved, affordable homeownership, job training, cutting edge medical research, and much more. Your pledge is what we need to turn imagination into reality.

The UAB Benevolent Fund, established and governed by employees, recognizes the importance of supporting our community. We do this through partnerships with more than 120 local non-profit agencies and by supporting our fellow employees through the Employee Emergency Assistance Program. The Benevolent Fund makes giving easy through payroll deductions. Your tax deductible gift, combined with other employee gifts, transforms our community in incredible ways.