Mission Statement: The faculty and staff of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and UAB Medicine (Callahan Eye Hospital, University Hospital, Health Services Foundation, Health System, and VIVA Health) join together in a self-governed, consolidated charitable effort to:

  1. Provide financial support to charitable agencies that provide health care and social services to the local community
  2. Provide relief to eligible UAB faculty and staff who are facing financial emergencies.

Build a bright future for a child who enters school ready to learn because of vision screening and corrective care. Build a future with safe, affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity. Build a meaningful future for an adult with developmental disabilities through job training and placement. Build a future with less disease and suffering and more comfort and celebration. Your pledge to the Benevolent Fund supports health care screenings, affordable homeownership, job training and cutting edge medical research. Your pledge is what we need to build our future now!

The Benevolent Fund, established and governed by UAB employees, recognizes the importance of building up our community. Our framework of giving supports more than 120 local non-profits and our Employee Emergency Assistance Program. The Benevolent Fund makes giving easy through payroll deductions. Your tax deductible gift to the Benevolent Fund combined with gifts from other employees shows UAB’s support of our community and allows us to do so much more than any one of us can do individually. We need your pledge to build our future!