Blazer Express Route Changes

UAB Parking & Transportation Services has listened to its customers.  As we continue to evaluate the Blazer Express transit system for improvements, we will no longer offer the night Purple route after 2016 Spring Semester Break.  We have been monitoring the passenger counts on this route for quite a while and have seen very little passenger activity on this route.

As a result, the service hours that were used on the Purple route will now be split between the Silver and Orange routes.  This change will allow us to have a bus on the Silver route until 9:00 PM and an additional bus on the Orange route from 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM.  Customers who use these routes during the evening/night hours will have more efficient service.

Thanks for your continued support of UAB Parking & Transportation Services.

Service Resumes for Lot 15U Stop - Gold Route

The Lot 15U bus stop on the Gold Route has resumed service.  Permanent signage is not in-place marking the bus stop, yet we are diligently working to have it placed.  The stop is located on 17th Street, between 10th Avenue S and 11th Avenue S.