Visionary leadership that nurtured a nascent medical center in the 1940s formed the pillars for the internationally acclaimed research university it would become: Dream big. Dare to cross boundaries. Be relentless in pursuit of knowledge. Use it to change destinies.

Though born a bootstrap organization, we cobbled resources together to respond to historic and emerging needs. We thrived on teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit and insistence the brightest minds are lit by the torch of discovery. And we remain steadfast in our belief that knowledge does the world little service until it becomes a source of hope, the backbone of will or a hand of opportunity.

The ideas that seemed crazy at the time have brought us to this place: the center of the city’s renaissance, the head of world efforts to cure disease and among the bold few to carry their ideas to the heavens.

But there’s no resting on laurels when you’re on a quest for the edge of uncertainty and knowledge that will change your world.

In a word:

Bold. Audacious. Responsive. Principled. Compassionate. Generous. Enthusiastic. Admirable. Tolerant. Keen. Vigilant. Competitive. Elegant. Vital. Ingenious. Resourceful. Deliberate. Proficient. Observant. Creative. Compelling. Expressive. Tangible.

Where does it come from?

Knowledge that will change your world comes from a spirit of wonder and discovery that is unfettered by fear of failure. It arises from keen observance with compassionate eyes and competitive minds. It is forged with ingenuity and resourcefulness. You will know it by its companions, vitality and elegance.

What does it look like?

You’ll recognize knowledge that will change the world by its culture of innovation and collaboration, driven by social responsibility and entrepreneurial principles. It is the tangible evidence of vigilance and enthusiasm at work in the world.

How does it change your world?

It advances understanding, solves real-world problems and drives innovation and economic development.