Brand means different things to different people. For some it’s simply a name or color or logo. But for others, it’s a mission, a promise or principles.

Our name and reputation is known across the globe, and those three letters — UAB — carry the weight of the institution with them wherever they go. But our brand is more than a logo or website. Our brand is our reputation — built on keeping the promise we make to the students, employees and communities that support and rely on us.

Where does it come from?

Each interaction contributes to the perception of who we are as a university, medical center and corporate citizen, our commitment to fulfilling our mission and why we are important to the fabric of our community. It includes the emotional connection people make with us, and it is communicated in everything we say and do.

What is branding?​

Branding refers to the strategy, planning and execution to ensure everything we say and do reflects our mission, vision and strategic priorities — and is perceived by our audience in the way we intend.

Why brand our university?

UAB is a large, complex and decentralized institution; these traits that help make us powerful and effective can be confusing or intimidating for people inside and outside these walls. A branding strategy simplifies our efforts to explain who we are and why we matter and offers several advantages:

Increased visibility
Brand standards, applied in a consistent and thoughtful manner in all internal and external communications, raise the visibility of all university entities.

Improved recognition of our value
Greater visibility enables us to speak to each facet of our mission and share how we change the world through the power of knowledge, the promise of creativity and the impact of discovery. This is our story to tell.

Attract like minds
A clear sense of who we are, what we do and why it matters helps attract students, faculty, staff, donors, partners and advocates who share our mission, vision and goals and strengthens our university.

Who is res​ponsible for branding our university?

Everyone. Though the Office of University Relations is responsible for managing and maintaining our brand, it is the responsibility of the entire university community to implement, support and promote it. Everyone is a brand ambassador.