The Web page footer is mandatory. The following elements are required for every UAB site. (With the exception of contact information, these links have been populated when your site was delivered.)


  1. Accessibility link. Links to a text-only version of the Web site in an effort to meet ADA guidelines.

  2. UAB Web Pages Disclaimer Link. UAB Web Policy mandated link. Must be on ALL sites.

  3. UAB WWW Policy Link. A link to the current UAB Web Policy.

  4. Contact Information. Mandated by UAB Web Policy, this link should point to an e-mail address or a contact information page with information for contacting the site manager or the entity responsible for placing the information on the site. This information is also convenient for your audience.
  5. Copyright.



To access the footer, click Menu > Footer and then edit the menu items as you would for any menu.