Once a menu item is created, you will most likely need to define on what pages the menu is displayed.  Display locations and options are controlled by modules.  In our example, we created an Area 5 menu and attached it to the Horizontal Menu.  If you click on Area 5 on the Horizontal menu, it looks different than Areas 1-4 because the sidebar is not visible.

Example of Area 4 with a sidebar menu:


Example of Area 5 without a sidebar menu:


Using our Area 5 menu example, let's get started enabling a menu module to display the area 5 sidebar menu.

Let's go to Menus and select Menu Manager.


Toward the bottom of menu listings, locate the Area 5 Sidebar and click on the option to "Add a module for this menu type."


In the Details section, let's start by typing a meaningful Title. (SUGGESTION:  Matching the menu and module name helps keep it organized.)  In this example, I am going to title this menu module "Area 5 Sidebar" to correspond with my menu name.  You may also want to toggle the Show Title to Hide, otherwise the title will appear above your menu.  Click on the Select Position dropdown and choose Sidebar.


TIP:  The position determines where a module will be displayed.  Click here to see a diagram of all positions.

TIP: Module Parameters has a useful item called “Always show sub-menu items.” This allows you to choose whether a menu displays its sub-pages all the time.

Menu Assignment

Menu Assignment options allow you to choose which pages should display your menu.  The Module Assignment drop down box will allow you to choose between 4 options that work as a selection tool for the tabs representing each menu within your site.  

In our example, I am going to display the menu "Only on the pages selected" and select all the pages listed under the Area 5 Sidebar menu.


Click on save and preview your new menu!

Additional Menu Module Attributes

  • Position. The position on the page where this module is displayed. Positions are locations on the page where modules can be placed (for example, "left" or "right"). Positions are defined in the template in use for the page.
  • Status.  Either the menu module is published (can be seen by public) or unpublished (not viewable).
  • Access.  Determines who has access to this item.
  • Ordering. The order to display modules within a position. If the list is sorted by this column, you can change the display order of modules within a position by selecting a position in the Select Position filter and then clicking the arrows or by entering the sequential order and clicking Save Order.

  • Start Publishing/Finish Publishing.  Add or remove the menu by date.