In Joomla, an article is content you want to display on your site. It can include text, images, media, and links to other assets. For many Joomla sites, articles form the majority of the information presented in the Web site.

It is important to understand that with Joomla the content of the site (for example, articles) is totally separate from the presentation of the site (the way it looks on the page). So it is best to think of articles as pure content, independent of the way it might be presented. 

The process for creating a new article and getting it online is as follows:
  1. Make sure a category exists in order to be able to save your article.
  2. Create the article.
  3. Add the article to a menu (almost always required; in some special cases, outlined below, this step may be skipped)
  4. Attach the desired modules to the new menu item.
TIP: Know that an article generally cannot be seen until it is linked in a menu.

TIP: The same article might be shown with different fonts, colors, headings, and background and might be shown in different locations on the page.

Follow the steps below to begin creating your articles.

Our example Web site will have many articles. Some of these are:
  • Landing Page
  • Article 1
  • Article 2
  • Contact Us

It is very easy to create articles/pages. Just go to the administrative interface ( if you aren’t there already, click Content > Article Manager in the menu, and click on New.

SUGGESTION: Title your new article Area 5 Landing Page.

Fill in the title for the page, select the category, place the content in the page and click on the Save & Close button at the top right.

SUGGESTION: Select the category of Category 5

After saving the article/page, you will be taken to the article manager, where you can edit any article, delete any article, or make new articles. Continue to create all of your articles before you create the rest of your site.

TIP: Articles can be created without completing all of the article content. Just fill out the top of the article and then place a few “placeholder” words in the body, such as “waiting for content.” You can easily come back and fill in these articles after your navigation is in place and you can see the article from the user side.

Joomla allows you to write the articles/pages using a rich text editor called JCE Editor, as shown in the picture below. This means that you can make the text appear the way you want it. Use this rich text editor just as you would use any word processing software.

TIP: Always use the “Tree” icon within the editor to insert images.

TIP: The articles created by you are not visible on the Web site. They will be visible only after we create a menu link for them.

SUGGESTION: You will need to make a second article for your new sidebar so that you will be ready when you begin building your left sidebar navigation. Call it Article 1 and under the Category dropdown list, select Subcategory 5.