The Horizontal Menu has already been created for you. Generally UAB templates are designed for you to create individual left sidebars for each area of your site. The horizontal navigation menu is used to point to the left sidebar menus using an alias link.


To access the menu select Menus > Horizontal Navigation-DO NOT DELETE from the Menu dropdown at the top of the page.


TIP: Make sure your left sidebar menus have been created before you begin.

Click on New to add a new menu item to the Horizontal Menu.  Click on the Select icon beside the Menu Item Type.  We want to add a menu item called an "Alias," which is simply a menu item that points to another menu.

Under System Links, choose "Menu Item Alias."

Next, we want to point our alias to the correct sidebar menu. Under Required Settings, select the menu that should be linked to the horizontal menu item (SUGGESTION:  Pick Area 5 Sidebar)

Now, you will need to type in a Title.  The title is the text that will appear as your menu link. 
SUGGESTION:  Make the title 'Area 5."
TIP: The Alias field is used to create a "friendly" address.  In the example below, a user could type in to reach the area 5 landing page.

That's it!  Just click "Save & Close" and you can preview your new menu. 
TIP:  To create a drop down menu, complete the steps above and select a Parent Item from the drop down menu.