It is important not to take the high resolution 20 MB photo from your digital camera and attempt to upload it straight to your website. Although it is possible for browsers to resize according to proportion, you do not want your page slowed down by having to download and render an enormous graphic then resize it within the browser. 

Here are a few of our best practices for Web images:
  • Choose images that are high quality and give a professional representation of UAB.  Photos should be sharp and well colored.
  • Choose images that match the content of your page. 
  • Images must be original and free of copyright or unless you've been granted permission for use. 
  • People in photos must have a signed release on file.
  • The recommended resolution for Web use is 72 dpi.
  • Maximum suggested image size is 40kb.  For most photos and images, a minimum of 60px by 60px or a maximum of 400px by 300px is suggested.
  • Do not use flashing, flickering, blinking or other animated images.
  • Help us keep sites accessible by including a brief description of the photo in the ALT tag field for visitors that may be visually impaired.  Do not place keywords in the ALT tag field.
  • Do not embed the text of your website in web images; it impairs search engine ranking.
  • Items used as banners on UAB sites are typically 972 pixels wide to fit the UAB template.
  • There are three (3) main file types for web images  — JPG, GIF and PNG.  GIFs are used for simple graphics and have a low file size, but are limited to 256 colors.  GIFs are great for illustrations and non-photo graphics. PNGs support a better level of background transparency than a GIF, but are not supported in some older browsers. JPGs represent your typical photo-quality image.
  • Give your photos/graphics descriptive file names.  Captions are recommended but not required.
Can't seem to find the perfect image for your website?  Check out UAB's Image Gallery.  The Image Gallery is for use by official UAB administrative units only. The images are sized for Web and PowerPoint presentation use. If you require higher resolution images or can't find a specific image, please submit an image request.