Open to Business Majors ONLY

The Collat School of Business Entrepreneurship Certificate supplements business majors' knowledge with skills for starting their own business or being a high-value employee for startups and early-stage growth companies. Course work focuses on generating new business models and innovative thinking to capitalize on opportunities to effect change. The certificate requires a total of 15 credit hours, including a practicum/internship experience.  


Students interested in applying to the Entrepreneurship Certificate should contact their advisor about admission.  

Required Courses for Entrepreneurship Certificate

  • ENT 270
  • ENT 420
  • MK 421 / ENT 421
  • ENT 424 or ENT 425
  • ENT 426 or Internship 445 or Independent Study 499

Course Descriptions

ENT 270 - Idea to Entrepreneur- Supplements business knowledge with skills and concepts that prepare students to start businesses or immediately contribute to new- growth-focused businesses.

ENT 420 - Entrepreneurial Finance - Provides core skills in accounting and finance for new- growth-oriented businesses.

ENT / MK 421 - Entrepreneurial Market Analysis and Planning - Focuses on opportunity identification, market due diligence, value proposition development and go-to-market strategy.

ENT 424 - New Product Development - Pairs business students with Biomedical Engineering students in the BME Senior Design Course. 

ENT 425 - Entrepreneur to Enterprise - Focuses on clarifying the business proposition and crafting the associated organization-wide strategy to implement the new business idea. 

ENT 426 - Practicum in Commercialization - Experiential course where students develop commercialization plans for "live" technology ideas originating from UAB or other sources. 

ENT 445 - Entrepreneurship Internship - Standard internship with entrepreneurial business or organization.

ENT 499 - Directed Study in Entrepreneurship - Standard directed / independent study in the field of Entrepreneurship.