Full MIDE Directory

Mike Whittmann 2016

Mike Wittmann, Ph.D.
(205) 934-1271
Office: BEC 219

Tom DeCarlo 16

Thomas DeCarlo, Ph.D.
Ben S. Weil Endowed Chair
(205) 934-8989
Office: BEC 219-E

Cassandra Walker 2016

Cassandra Walker
Administrative Associate
(205) 934-8840
Office: BEC 219-A

Kristen Craig 16

Kristen Craig
Advisor & Internship Coord.
Industrial Distribution
(205) 975-5810
Office: BEC 219-D

Brittany Quinn 16

Brittany Quinn
Marketing & Economics 
(205) 975-4409
Office: BEC 219-B

 Kelly Plyler

Kelly Plyler
Online Programs Advisor
(205) 934-8817
Office: BEC 208-D

Mickey Bunn 200

Michele Bunn, Ph.D.
Professor & Internship Coord.
Marketing & Economics
(205) 975-7166
Office: BEC 207-A

Wendy England 2016

Wendy England
Online Programs Coordinator
(205) 934-8813
Office: 306-D

Joe Talty 2016

Joe Talty
Online Programs Coordinator
(205) 934-8829
Office: 311-B

The Marketing, Industrial Distribution & Economics Department features a traditional undergraduate degree program in marketing and industrial distribution. We offer several significant and differential programs that complement the outstanding medical and engineering community resources in Birmingham and the tremendous ongoing growth opportunities for faculty and students in the vibrant Birmingham metropolitan area. The department is achieving considerable success in attracting students and stimulating innovative and cross-disciplinary research with these innovative programs:

Medical Equipment & Supplies Distribution

Professional Sales Certificate

Retail Excellence