Information Revolution

Most students of society agree that we are in the midst of an information revolution, one which will have far-reaching effects. This revolution is changing and will continue to change the manner in which we conduct our lives, both personally and in the business world. In order to be successful, this revolution requires the services of information systems professionals skilled in bringing information and society together.

High Demand

Pursuit of a career in information systems opens bright new horizons in many areas. Most organizations of any size depend on a range of information systems technologies in order to conduct their business. Delivering these technologies is the purview of information systems professionals. These professionals are currently in short supply, and Department of Commerce studies indicate that this shortfall is expected to continue well into the future

Careers in Information Systems

The career choices of information systems professionals are broad and varied. At one end of the spectrum there are technical positions developing and managing information and communications hardware and software, as well as business application software. At the opposite end, there are people-oriented technology positions such as helping users in information centers, technical sales or the design and operation of Internet and Intranet applications. In either case, the importance of information technology will offer interesting and challenging opportunities through all levels of organizations.

Plenty of Opportunities

Students will be able to understand the IS profession by taking advantage of opportunities such as ATIP chapter meetings, interacting with guest speakers, internships, and attending professional organization's meetings. Students will enhance their ability to promote themselves and have successful job interviews by taking advantage of the career services and internship opportunities. Students can benefit monetarily by taking advantage of the scholarship opportunities. (NOTE: The better students get scholarships, which is another reason for students to focus on academic excellence early in their education). Students can add value to their resume through scholarships, internships, participation in the student chapter of AITP, and seeking other awards and honors. Most of all, students can take advantage of the opportunity to major in a curriculum that was developed by businesses in the greater Birmingham area, in conjunction with the IS faculty.