Doug Ayers We are pleased to once again be recognized by the Princeton Review as one of the top business schools in the country. When I think about what sets the MBA Program at UAB’s School of Business apart from other programs in the area it comes down to one word: experience.


Experience has several dimensions. An MBA program is often judged by its faculty and UAB’s School of Business faculty is highly experienced. Our faculty is comprised of accomplished scholars who are contributing cutting edge research to their respective fields. They also bring a wealth of real-world work experience to the classroom. In addition, the faculty continually works directly with the business community to address current business issues. This blending of academic and practical experience is a core part of the curriculum at the School of Business.


Experienced faculty is only one part of the equation. Equally important is the experience residing in the student body. Virtually all of our MBA students bring several years of work experience to the classroom and the result is a give and take approach to learning where course concepts are enhanced via practical application. In any given class, our students come from highly varied professional and personal backgrounds. A typical class includes everyone from doctors to bankers; research scientists to accountants; teachers to engineers. This diversity leads to a richness of classroom experience that is highly valuable and hard to duplicate.


When you bring experienced faculty together with experienced students you create powerful learning experiences.


Dr. Doug Ayers
MBA Program Director and Associate Professor