Entrepreneurs are passionate, visionary, persistent, energetic and creative. They are confident, comfortable taking risks and can deal with uncertainty. These are traits and skills that will serve you well whether you are starting a new business that will change the world, or working in an established company. Entrepreneurialism is really a state of mind.

At the Collat School of Business we teach students how to "think entrepreneurially." Through courses taught by accomplished entrepreneurs and world-class professors combined with real world experience in our Innovation Lab, students gain both fundamental knowledge and hands on practical experience working with real companies to solve real problems that will serve them well regardless of the career they pursue.

Each of these programs is designed to help you think entrepreneurially and innovatively. You do not have to have an idea for a business or even plan to start one to participate in any of these programs. 

Minor in Entrepreneurship

This experiential program is designed for students in any major at UAB. It is designed to complement your core skills and knowledge from your chosen major. Upon completion you’ll be ready to launch a new venture around your passion, contribute to a team or growing company and think entrepreneurially regardless of your chosen career.

Entrepreneurship Certificate (Graduate)

This experiential program also known as the Certificate in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship is designed for any graduate student or individual who has completed an undergraduate degree. It is designed to walk you through the process and requisite skills for moving an idea from conception to market introduction and beyond. The emphasis is on new business formation though other forms of commercialization are explored.

Courses in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

See full listing of undergraduate and graduate courses offered through the Collat School of Business.

Internships through the UAB iLab

Students need industry experience. Startups need talent that doesn't break their budget. ENT 445 is a for-credit entrepreneurship internship that bridges the gap between UAB students and startups to meet those needs.

In the News

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It's an exciting time to be a student at the UAB Collat School of Business!

Our unique location in the metropolitan, bustling heart of Alabama's economic center allows our faculty to integrate the practical experiences of the State's leading companies - from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial startups - into every program we offer. Students benefit from year-round internship and other applied learning experiences to build solid resumes that back their capabilities and lead them into their preferred career.

Known for its entrepreneurial spirit, UAB offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to customize an education that allows them to pursue their passions. Over 95% of business courses are offered in both the classroom and online, so students can choose which method fits their needs best when registering. Students also have the option of pursuing their degree through one of our 100% online programs that provide a guaranteed path of progression with a tuition premium. 

Did we mention that we are also building a new state-of-the-art facility that the Collat School of Business will call home in 2018? Yes, more exciting opportunities are coming our way including the new Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will be located literally next door!