Because Everyone Can Use Some Business!

Spring 2012

The UAB School of Business offers many courses that are open to all UAB students regardless of major. These courses have no School of Business prerequisites. Limited seats available.

FN 101 - Personal Finance - 3 hrs

Take control of your personal finances and learn how to make your money work for you! We cover selected aspects of finance that an individual encounters during his or her lifetime.

BUS 102 - Business Foundations - 2 hrs

Get an overview of the types of careers available in business. Learn about business culture and how business functions as a whole.

IS 303 - Information Systems - 3 hrs

There’s more to understanding computers than how to turn them on.  See the wizard behind the curtain with an overview of information systems planning, design and development.  Understand strategic issues in information systems and how the World Wide Web, Internet, and knowledge-based systems intersect.

IS 416 – Web Analytics – 3 hrs

Learn how to realize the full potential of web sites. Find and collect web data such as web traffic and visitor information to design web sites that attract, convert, and retain customers.

MK 490 – Social Media Marketing – 3 hrs

If you want to market a service, a product or even an event these days, social media is a must. Learn how to use rapidly evolving tools and technologies to communicate efficiently and effectively with customers, clients and stakeholders in order to build and manage a strong brand (even if that brand is YOU!). (Must be at least a Sophomore)

MK 333 - Sports & Entertainment Marketing - 3 hrs

Unleash your inner Jerry McGuire.  Study strategic analysis, positioning and marketing of professional and amateur sports events and organizations, as well as the entertainment industry. Get a comprehensive view of all that is required to successfully market an event or sporting organization. (Must be at least a Junior)

MG 430 - Management and Leadership in Sports Organizations - 3 hrs

Would you rather hit the game-winning homer or own the team? Learn about the management and leadership theories and practices as they relate to sports organizations and which human resource management and leadership principles lead to success in the sports industry. (Must be at least a Junior)

EC 210 - Principles of Microeconomics - 3 hrs

You’ve heard politicians talk about re-distribution of wealth, but how does it get distributed to begin with?  Get an overview of the theory of production and value, including problems of monopoly, oligopoly, and distribution of income. (Not open to entering freshmen)

EC 211 - Principles of Macroeconomics - 3 hrs

Understand the big picture of economic analysis and its use in dealing with business and governmental problems. We cover national income, price-level, employment, governmental fiscal policies, and international economics. (Not open to entering freshmen)

LS 246 - Legal Environment of Business - 3 hrs

You can’t work in business without a basic understanding of the legal system. We cover the legal process, contracts, torts, product liability, employment law, securities, anti-trust, and focus heavily on ethics and civic responsibility. (Must be at least a Sophomore)

MG 302 - Management Processes and Behavior - 3 hrs

Before you do, you plan. Learn about planning and decision making, as well as the role of leadership and communication within organizations. Just how do you motivate employees and evaluate their performance? We also show you how to organize processes, a critical part of management. (Must be at least a Junior)

MG 358 - Business and Society - 3 hrs

What role does business play in society? Examine the economic and social consequences of contemporary issues such as public policy, management of legal/political process, standard-setting for ethical behavior, and environmental changes in 1990s. Learn how global competition affects the social and economic interests of multinational corporations. (Must be at least a Junior)

MG 413 - Employment Law - 3 hrs

If you have employees, you’d better understand employment law. Learn how legislation, regulations, and court decisions impact human resource management in public and private organizations. We cover equal employment opportunity, health and safety, pension reform legislation, employment insurance, and social security. (Must be at least a Junior)