Gina_BoyingtonThe training and certification that Gina Boyington recently earned through the Project Management Certificate Program offered by the UAB Management, Information Systems, and Quantitative Methods department and the Project Management Institute, Birmingham chapter, allowed her to change the course of her career. 

Q)   What is your educational background?
A) I have a business degree in Commerce and Business Administration with a minor in Art History from the University of Alabama. I'm also certified in Medical Billing and Coding.

Q)  What were you doing career-wise prior to completing the Project Management (PM) program?
A)  I was working a basic data entry job at a large company.

Q)     What inspired you to register for the course?
A) I have always been interested in project management but didn't know how to break into the industry. While researching graduate schools, I asked one of the advisors at UAB if they had any advice.  She is the one that told me about the course and referred me to Mr. Crigler.

Q)    How did the course meet your needs?
A)It provided a great background on the industry and taught me how to effectively manage a project. It also allowed me to earn the course hours needed to apply to take the CAPM (certified associate project manager) exam.  I needed that certification to be able to break into project management.

Q)   How has your career changed since you completed the program?
A)My career has made a complete 180 degree turn since I completed the program. It helped me to get a job at a major hospital in their Project Management Office and put me on an exciting career path with fantastic potential for growth. Taking the PM course through UAB really opened a lot of doors for me. The instructors were very knowledgeable and able to break down everything that I needed to know.

I also think that it is fantastic that the tuition from the class goes to a fund that helps support scholarships and other programs, so not only are you helping better yourself, you're helping others too!  I encourage anyone that is undecided about their career path to seriously consider project management. If you want to learn more about Project Management or the program, I encourage you to talk with Dr. Wasko or Mr. Crigler. They can definitely steer you in the right direction.