Skeshavan KeshavanSanthosh Keshavan graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Business in 2002 with a major in Information Systems. He has over 15 years of experience in IT operations, applications development, project management and business development serving top financial institutions in US, Europe and Asia Pacific. He also served on the UAB Information Systems Advisory Board from 2004- 2007.

Santhosh pursued his MBA while he was with SunGard Data Systems in Birmingham as Managing Director – International Operations and is currently with Fidelity Investments in Dallas, TX as Vice President – Systems and Solutions Delivery. At Fidelity, Santhosh works with the operations group that provides accounting and investment management support services to Fidelity mutual funds and other investment vehicles, as well as to many Fidelity business partners in US and Europe.

I strongly feel that my MBA has helped me shape my career and continues to do so till date in 3 major areas - Business Knowledge, Leadership Abilities and Networking. We all live in a global economy and there is a constant need to think outside the box and innovate new ways to stay on top and be the market leader. The process of learning and adapting never stops irrespective of the size, location or nature of the organization. We are constantly looking at new tools, processes and lean methodologies, global partnerships to align ourselves to serve the customer better and be the market leader. I am glad that many of the topics, case studies and projects we covered as part of our MBA is being put in practice every day. The opportunity to network with co-students from around the world, guest speakers and faculty and to be able to exchange ideas, get different perspectives is also amazing.