Students Acquire Professional Sales Skills

Employers nationwide are looking for sales professionals who have completed rigorous training programs—and the School of Business has responded with the Professional Sales Certificate Program in the Department of Marketing, In­dustrial Distribution, and Economics.

The program begins its third class in August, with the maximum class-capacity of 25 students. All students have been well-screened, and are eager to develop the sales skills needed to compete and succeed in today’s economy.

Students enrolled in the program earn a professional sales certificate in addition to the baccalaureate degree in their field of study. “People sometimes think a career in sales means join­ing an ‘old boy’s network,’” says program administrator Karen Kennedy, Ph.D., associate professor of marketing and an in­ternationally recognized sales scholar. “But to be successful in sales requires a broad array of skills. This program teaches students professional selling principles, sales management, negotiation, sales technology, and business communications through class­room experiences and through interactions with sales profes­sionals in a variety of out-of-class settings.”

Beginning this fall, Dr. John Hansen joins faculty members Dr. Karen Kennedy and Dr. Ken Miller to instruct in the program. Dr. Hansen brings valuable insight to the classroom with extensive industry experience including positions as National Accounts Territory Manager, Independent Accounts Territory Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Marketing Channel Manager at the Black & Decker Corporation

Advisors from a range of area businesses work with faculty of the sales program to assist with strategy planning and to review progress. “Corporate sponsors help shape the program,” Dr. Kennedy says. “They also work with students through job shadowing and mentoring experiences before stu­dents embark on traditional job interviews.”

The program offers sales internships that allow students to apply their newly acquired skills to benefit local and national companies. If you are interested in partnering with the Professional Sales Certificate Program to offer internship opportunities, please contact Dr. Karen Kennedy.

Students from all disciplines can apply for admission to the sales program and for scholarship support. More information on the program...