online_class150Based on the report Class Differences, Online Education in the United States, 2010, 75% of 2,500 colleges and universities surveyed reported that the economic downturn has increased demand for online courses and programs, and online enrollments have continued to grow at rates far in excess of the total higher education student population. Sixty-three percent of all reporting institutions said that online learning was a critical part of their institution’s long term strategy.

Back in 2009, the UAB School of Business hired Dr. Elizabeth Fisher as Instructional Design Manager. Dr. Fisher has been instrumental in preparing our faculty to provide quality on-line instruction by utilizing the latest technology available. Along with Dr. Fisher’s efforts and the dedication of the teaching faculty, the school’s on-line class offerings have increased by 50% since 2008. With the increased interest in on-line instruction the school is currently considering the option to offer complete programs on-line.

On-line classes this fall account for 15% of the school’s total credit hour production, compared to 10% this time last year. “Students are voting with their feet and their money in favor of on-line instruction,” says Dr. Eric Jack, Associate Dean and Professor. “Recent experiences with our undergraduate courses suggest that when the same course is offered on-line and in the classroom, the on-line course tends to fill up faster despite the requirement that students must pay additional fees for online courses.”

“I have taken at least 10 on-line classes and I love them,” says Katie Thomas, current business student. “They are very convenient and the blackboard helps me keep up with everything. You do have to be self motivated to keep up with classes, but I actually prefer them over classroom classes.”

More on-line class benefits reported in a recent student survey:

“I love online course. Being a busy mom, I can still be home and see my little ones grow up while staying on top of my class work at the same time.”

“On-line classes open up more time for me to go to work without having to ask my boss for time off to go to school.”

“Students in my on-line classes seem to be motivated the same as in class. There seems to be a wider range of students in online classes from other schools.”

“I can work at my own pace and revisit material that I may not have completely understood as many times as needed.”

“I can work on my on-line classes when it is convenient for me. This is very important because it allows me to run my business and further my education.”

“I was a little skeptical at first, but the professor had the class set up where he used an online drawing board and had 20-30 minute real-time lessons for each subject. It was very good.”

“On-line classes work out great for me. They offer me the ultimate in flexibility. If you are a disciplined student and can self manage your time, then on-line is a real time and schedule saver.”

So what are you waiting for, search over 30 online business classes available this spring and register before it’s too late!