Twenty-one students have been admitted to the School of Business Honors Program as members of the class of 2012 cohort. Participants in the Honors Program are selected on the basis of their academic performance in courses at the School of Business and in courses elsewhere at UAB, and on the basis of faculty recommendations.

Honors Program Director Stephen A. Yoder, J.D. noted that the program consists of three courses, each with a focus on business leadership. Yoder said, “We believe that these talented students will certainly be leaders in their careers, either directly or indirectly, and we want them to be effective leaders.”

The first course in the School of Business Honors Program, usually in the spring semester of a participant’s junior year, covers the principles of leadership and an introduction to business research.  In the following fall semester, participants are enrolled in the capstone strategic management course in which CEOs of large organizations present to and interact with students. The final course, usually in the students’ final semester at UAB, is an opportunity for students to complete an independent project focused on leadership. Students present the results of their projects at the UAB Undergraduate Research Expo in April.

Yoder noted that all of the disciplines in the School of Business are represented among the majors (including double majors) of the members of the class of 2012 cohort, particularly Finance, Accounting and Economics. Four participants are majoring or minoring in Mathematics and two are majoring (including double majors) in Philosophy. There are two varsity athletes and one future orthodontist.

The Honors Program is one of several honors programs offered at UAB to provide an enriched experience for high-achieving students. The UAB Honors Academy consists of the following programs drawing students from all parts of the university: the University Honors Program, the Science and Technology Honors Program, the Global and Community Leadership Honors Program, the Experiential Learning Scholars Program and the Early Medical School Admission Program.   Professor Yoder also teaches leadership to these students.

Several of the participants in the School of Business Honors Program also participate in one of Honors Academy programs. These students receive credit for the honors-level course work required for those programs based on their successful completion of the School of Business Honors Program.

A variety of business leaders and other outside professionals have visited with participants in the Honors Program, including the CEOs of most of Birmingham’s publicly-traded companies, hospital and university CEOs and leaders of public accounting firms. Yoder noted that many members of past cohorts have reported that these interactions with leaders were among the most impactful of their college careers.