The Collat Tutorial Lab is an academic assistance center designed to provide free services that support class instruction and enhance the overall academic experience of our students by providing a respectful, safe, educational environment for learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation

Peer Tutoring Services

  • Walk-in tutoring
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Group tutoring
  • Online tutoring (for online courses)
  • Online chat with a Tutor

Services Offered by Professional Staff

  • Academic Coaching
  • Study Strategy Workshops
  • Success Seminars
  • Learning Styles Assessment

Subjects Available

  • Accounting (200, 201, 300)
  • Finance (310)
  • Financial Literacy (BUS 110)
  • Economics (210, 211)
  • Quantitative Analysis (QM 214, 215)
  • Math (105, 106)


Business Engineering Comples (BEC) 114
(205) 934-8814

Additional Tutoring Services on Campus

University Academic Success Center 

University Writing Center

Meet the Collat Tutoring Team

Margot 175

Margot Beerman- Lead Tutor
Finance, Senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, EC210, FN310, QM214/215

Amaan Hafiz Chandiwala

Amaan Hafiz Chandiwala - Lead Tutor
Finance, Senior
Tutoring: Math up to 125, EC210/211

Ming 175

Ming Chen- Lab Assistant
Accounting & Information Systems, Senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, EC210, QM214/215

Raniem 175

Raniem Hajazin
Accounting, Junior
Tutoring: AC200/201, EC210/211

Latei 175

Latei Iyegha
Accounting, Senior
Tutoring: AC200, BUS110, EC210/211, QM214

Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards
Economics, Senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, EC210/211, MA105, QM214/215

Whitney 175

Whitney Wang
Accounting, Senior
Tutoring: AC200, BUS110