Tutoring Lab Seeks Student Tutors for Fall

Tutoring lab The tutoring lab opened in the BEC in January 2014 as a free service to all students taking business courses. Courses that receive special emphasis include AC 200, AC 201, BUS 110, EC 210, EC 211, FN 310, MA 105, MA 106, QM 214, and QM 215.

Students with an aptitude for these courses are encouraged to apply. Tutors earn $8.50 per hour. Lead tutors, who also manage the tutoring lab on their shifts, earn $10.50 per hour.

All applicants must have demonstrated academic success (preferably As) in the areas they tutor and have a 3.0 GPA. Tutors will receive additional training with the director of the University Academic Success Center.

Tutors should be available for a minimum of five hours and a maximum of 20 hours of tutoring per week.

Interested students should contact Will Davis, current Collat tutor, at georgewd@uab.edu.