Andrea Gage, PhD Speaks to Honors Students on Intergenerational Leadership

GageAndrea Gage, Ph.D. spoke to the Class of 2012 Cohort of the School of Business Honors Program on February 28, 2011, on how effectively to lead people of all five generations that have been given separate labels. As identified by social historians William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book Generations (1991), the five generations are:

  1. The Civic Generation (born 1901-1931)
  2. The Mediating Generation (born 1932-1944)
  3. The Baby Boom Generation (Born 1945-1963)
  4. The Diversity Generation, sometimes known as ‘Generation X’ (born 1964-1981)
  5. The Millennial Generation, sometimes known as ‘Generation Y’ (born 1982-2003)

Dr. Gage described her own research that explored whether there are similarities between the Civic Generation and the generation of most current undergraduate students, the Millennial Generation. She noted that both generations’ perceptions were shaped by similar economic and other external events, albeit 70-80 years apart.

Honors Program Director Stephen A. Yoder, J.D., noted, “Generational differences are among the many dimensions of diversity that leaders must recognize in themselves, in their peers and in their followers. Our honors students were fortunate to have an expert like Dr. Gage help them explore this topic.”

The focus of the School of Business Honors Program is leadership. There are approximately 40 students in the two cohorts currently in the program.

Dr. Gage resides in Birmingham with her husband Dr. Brent Gage, who is Associate Provost for Enrollment Management at UAB, and their three children, Carter, Luke and Kenna.