UAB Business Exposes Students to European and Chinese Business Practices and Cultures


UAB in Europe- May 9th to May 24th, 2011

Students enrolled in International Accounting participated in an international residency in Europe led by Dr. Jenice Prather-Kinsey.  The students traveled to Rome, Paris and London and learned about the issues facing accounting firms (Ernst and Young, Grant Thornton), companies (Sodexo) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in adopting and regulating international financial reporting standards (IFRS).  The students also visited historical and cultural sites.  See photos...


UAB in China - May 27th to July 2nd, 2011

Mr. Kau C Pang leads students to China for an opportunity to go inside the classrooms at Anshan Normal University for language, culture, and business courses—and the opportunity to work with Chinese students on class projects. Participants also tour Beijing and other regions of the country including Cangzhou, home to a factory owned by Birmingham-based McWane Corporation and Guiyang.