Internships Abound for UAB Business Students


Klein_Dunn_150 Jonathan Preston and
Kimberlee Dunn,
Accounting Majors

'2011 Summer Leadership
Marshall_Long Marshall Long
Economics Major

BBVA Compass Bank

dainel_phillips Daniel Phillips,
Finance Major

Montag and Caldwell
Lauren Lauren Hagood,
Industrial Distribution Major

Southern Progress
Callahan Cody Callahan,
Information Systems Major

Jelicia_Mallory Jelicia Mallory,
Marketing Major

Regions Bank
Heather Heather Pulley,
Management Major


Internship opportunities are up, and savvy students from all business majors are taking advantage of the chance to put their business skills to use and gain valuable experience to build their resumes.

“The majority of student internships are project driven, and provide a resource for employers to complete projects without the risk of priority interruption that often occurs with regular employees,” says Mickey Gee, instructor and internship coordinator for marketing, economics and MBA students.  “Interns can focus on the project and get the job done while evolving and branching into other areas of the company.  The overwhelming response that I hear from employers is that our students are bright, driven, technically advanced, and contribute well beyond the given project.”

Not only do internships offer students a chance to gain industry experience, but they often provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and earn a full time job offer. “It’s a win-win for everyone,” says Whitney Wilson, accounting and finance internship director. “Employers can see first-hand what skill sets the intern brings to the company, and how well he/she fits into the company culture.  In return, interns gain valuable experience and the chance to explore an industry and company before launching into a career.”

Over 80 students from various business backgrounds are currently enrolled in summer internships. A glimpse of where some of these students are interning is provided to the right.

If you are an employer or student interested in internship opportunities through the UAB School of Business, please contact the internship coordinator listed below for desired area.

Sevante Kristen Craig crigler
Marketing and 
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(205) 934-8660
Industrial Distribution
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(205) 975-5810  
System and
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(205) 934-8816