Registration is now open for the UAB graduate business course, “From Idea to Successful Company”: Life Sciences and Technology Entrepreneurship”, offered this fall. Hear from a past participant in this course that is experiencing a significant growth in demand.

"I took the course and found it was a great way to get an overview of what it takes to start and run a company. Even if you are not interested in starting a company yourself, your interactions with companies that may be interested in your research will be greatly facilitated if you speak ‘the language’."

"The course discusses current trends, develops case studies and engages with lecturers on all facets of: incubating an idea for a company, finding the right investors and partners, making a company concept commercially viable, and seeking the correct exit strategy for a successful company."

Maaike Everts, PhD
Research Project Director - Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance

Assistant Professor - School of Medicine

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