Andrea Gage Visits With Honors Students

Gage Group

Andrea Gage, PhD, visited with students in the School of Business Honors Program on April 9, 2012 to discuss “intergenerational leadership.”  Gage, who received her PhD in leadership studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, noted that there are five already-defined generations alive today.

The oldest generation, born between 1901 and 1933 and sometimes called the “greatest generation” or the “civic generation,” has much in common with the most recently-defined generation, born between 1981 and 2003 and sometimes called the “millennial generation.” One of their common characteristics is their desire to serve others. Gage described research that shows that over time there is a cycle of similar generational characteristics.

Dr. Gage told students that as leaders it will be important for them to recognize the differences among generations in order to motivate others effectively.

Gage is teaching an undergraduate class in financial literacy this semester at the School of Business.

The School of Business Honors Program is a selective program for high-achieving undergraduates interested in business leadership.

[Pictured left to right, Alex Soper, Alyssa Manhart, Dr. Gage, Joshua Powell, Jit Patel]