School of Business professor Stephen A. Yoder, J.D. addressed the Shades Valley Rotary Club on February 14 on “Improving Ethical Decision-Making.”  He was invited to speak after a club member saw his guest column in the December 12, 2010 The Birmingham News entitled “WikiLeaks offers lessons in making ethical decisions.” 

Yoder reviewed the trend toward integrating ethics education in business schools’ curricula.  He described some of the barriers to making good ethical decisions, such as a failure to picture the possible victims of poor ethical decisions, and the desire to fit in socially.  He also reviewed some of the approaches that he uses to help “inoculate” business students with good ethical decision-making skills, such as Warren Buffett’s “Would you want to see your decision on the front page of the newspaper?” test.

Yoder received a Quality Enhancement Plan grant from UAB in 2010 and, among other events, organized a meeting between former HealthSouth chief financial officer Aaron Beam and students from the School of Business and the Department of Justice Sciences in November 2010.