In Every Blazer There is a Fire

UAB Homecoming 2011, Oct. 31st- Nov. 5th

Tuesday, 11:20am-1:30pm
- Building Decoration Competition, 11:20am. Tons of students, faculty, and staff needed outside during judging (in front of BEC)
- AMA Dunking Booth
- Celebration Luncheon- immediately following building judging, Please join us on BEC lawn for Full Moon BBQ

Wednesday, 12pm-1pm
Gurney Derby Race, 13th Street. Cheer on your fellow students from the Management Society

Parade Float Competition, 12noon
Softball Tournament, 5:30pm-7:30pm. Bring your gear to Campus Rec fields behind School of Business parking lot.

Blazer Village Tailgate, 2pm
UAB vs. Houston, game time 6pm

Please contact Kristin or Laura (, or 934-8813)

if you have any questions. 

Go Blazers!!