Collat Tutoring Lab Providing Free Services for Students

The Collat Tutoring service is available to all students taking business courses and places special emphases on courses with the highest repeat rates: AC 200, EC 210, EC 211, FN 310 and QM 214.  All tutors have demonstrated academic success in areas they tutor and have received training with Dr. Kim Cunningham, Director of the University Academic Success Center, a valuable resource center open to all UAB students.  No appointments necessary at this time and absolutely no fees charged.  The lab is located on the first floor of the Collat School of Business, BEC 114.

Collat Tutoring Lab 

Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 10am-3pm
BEC 114
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Additional Tutoring Services on Campus

University Academic Success Center 
University Writing Center

Meet the Collat Tutoring Team:

Dara 175

Dara Barker
Accounting, Post-Baccalaureate
Tutoring: AC200/201, FN310

Margot 175

Margot Beerman
Finance, junior
Tutoring: AC200/201, EC210, FN310, QM214/215

Amaan Hafiz Chandiwala

Amaan Hafiz Chandiwala
Finance, junior
Tutoring: Math up to 125, EC210/211

Ming 175

Ming Chen
Accounting & Information Systems, sophomore
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, EC210, QM214/215

Robert Givens

Robert Givens
Finance, senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, EC201/211,  FN310

Nathan Goss

Nathan Goss
Masters in Accounting
Tutoring: AC 200/201

Raniem 175

Raniem Hajazin
Accounting, sophomore
Tutoring: AC200/201, EC210/211

Latei 175

Latei Iyegha
Accounting, sophomore
Tutoring: AC200, BUS110, EC210/211, QM214

Jayna Kehres

Jayna Kehres
Information Systems, senior
Tutoring: BUS110, FN310, MA105/106, QM214/215

Kyle 175

Kyle Kulas
Accounting, senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, FN310, MA105, QM214

Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards
Economics, senior
Tutoring: AC200/201, BUS110, EC210/211, MA105, QM214/215

Whitney 175

Whitney Wang
Accounting, senior
Tutoring: AC200, BUS110